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Is Your Family like “The Waltons”? Probably Not

By: Dee Montgomery.

In caring for their Senior loved ones, families in today’s culture are faced with challenges that are not necessarily experienced by previous generations. The burdens carried by Seniors and Caregivers alike can leave them feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

From 1971-1981 many of us enjoyed a wonderful TV show called, “The Waltons”. For 10 years, every Thursday evening we saw a family of 3 generations in a large home, dealing with the ups and downs of what some might call “a simpler way of life”. Mr. and Mrs. John Walton and their eight children were always there for each other and their aging parents and grandparents, tending to their every need.

Families’ lifestyles have certainly changed since The Waltons era.

Many of our Seniors today are approaching their golden years without any children to help make those vitally important decisions that accompany advanced aging. Other Seniors have adult children who’ve moved away and are simply busy raising their own families. These families soon discover that the long distances can complicate things by disrupting the necessary chain of communication needed to meet the daily demands of choices to be resolved.

Still another challenging family dynamic in today’s culture involves the adult caregiving children of Seniors. This group generally involves “middle-aged” adults which have now been socially termed, “the sandwich generation”. Those who are caught between caring for aging parents while trying to participate in the lives of their newly added grandchildren.

We, at Prairie Rose understand the multitude of scenarios facing families these days. We’re experienced with assisting with families and understand that family circumstances are as unique as each family and its’ individual members. We understand the numerous decisions to be made about Alternative Home Choices, Financial Options and issues, Senior Safety, Guardianships and Conservatorships, and much more.

Give us a call to speak with one of our qualified geriatric care managers for more information about the services that Prairie Rose can provide.

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